Thursday, June 6, 2019

Week 8 - Free throws

Here is my final product for my Passion Project

Week 7 - Free throws

Hey blog, it's currently week 7 and I've completed and recorded my free throws. I've seen so much improvement in my form and in my percentage. I don't know if my free throws are going to improve my normal shots tremendously but we will see.

The thing about free throws is that it only helps your release since in a real game you usually jump instead of having your feet planted.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Week 5 - Free throws

Hey, it's week 5 and I'm still really motivated about my passion! In this class i'm gonna really focus on researching on how free throws improve your game overall. Hopefully I can learn a lot. I've been shooting free throws quite a bit, during these last weeks I'll finish them.

Week 6 - Free throws

So it's week 6 already, I'm working on my free throws more, I've been researching on how to improve your free throws. I found this cool product that shows you if you're shooting them right, I wish that I could get it but I can't. I've learned how to properly plant your feet on a free throw and how you release the ball.

For my research that I said I was gonna do, I found that free throws aren't really effective in real shooting situations due to the fact that in a real game you're contested. I will still compare to see if my free throws aid mid range and 3 pointers. In reality though free throws really help your team, if you can make free throws it will give your team an advantage to get ahead by points. I'd compare free throws to breakaways in hockey, you're all open and it aids your team to score them.

I'm getting worried about my video that I'm going to present, it's getting closer so I might decide to only make a video showing me making shots from somewhere away from the free throw line.

My research source;

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Week 4 - Free throws

I'm feeling pretty great coming in to week 4, I've actually decided to add an extra part to my whole passion project. At first when I thought of this whole free throw thing I thought it sounded complete but turns out I needed a bit more explaining and ideas to my free throws. I've decided to compare on how free throws compare to normal shots in normal games. This way I can kind of give a lesson to everyone who looks at my passion project and I'll tell them if taking free throws is a good way to improve overall.
Now I've got to kind of work on actually shooting the free throws, for the next weeks that's what i'll be doing.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Week 3 - Free throws

My free throws are coming along fairly well, I've decided to organize my shots in my agenda. I've been watching videos on how to improve my free throws. Here's a video;

My main worry right now is to stay determined and focused, it's really hard to do that.

Week 2 - Free throws

In the second week our class was doing 60 second pitches, I felt like I explained my project fairly well and I hope I get approved. In week 2 I'm working on how I'm going to organize my shots for the next 30 days.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Week 1 - Free throws

Free throws

Hey, this is where i'm going to be posting my progress on my free throws. Hopefully I can improve quite a bit. I chose this idea because I've never really played a lot of basketball until grade 8. I've come to the realization that it's a really fun sport and I would really love to improve my shooting game. I will set a goal on shooting 30 shots for 30 days, and I will record to see if I improved.

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Week 8 - Free throws

Here is my final product for my Passion Project